Monday, February 27, 2012

[originally posted on my real blog in December 2011] A soupcon of Milly JourdainBecause I have to play Christmas carols for hours and hours tomorrow, I may have no available fingers for typing a blog post. So I'll give you the next two Milly poems. As the only living experts on her oeuvre, what do you think?

Beacon Hill

Milly Jourdain

I hear the deep sea sounding through the pines,
I breathe the wash of air, all cold and clear
And know the peace that lives among the stones
With nothing near.

And then I try to see my little life,
The huge and quiet earth around me spread,
And blue hills far away, that make me feel
Without a dread.

The freshness of this scene is with me still
--In Memory's freshness that can never wane--
And all the music of the many pines
I hear again.

A Phantom Sea

Milly Jourdain

We saw from dull suburban streets
A sudden space of light--
A level line of misty hills
And shiny spots of white.

O how it made me long to feel
The sea was really there
The sharp wind blowing on my face
And sea-sounds in the air!

The hills are like my shadowed life
Where only I can sea
The waves and white sailed ships that float
On its immensity.

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